About Us


Hello! My name is Conor and I'm the founder of Coastal Chill Records. I was born and raised in Southern California (hence the coastal inspiration), I'm a lo-fi producer myself (releasing under the artist name CMJ), and I'm a huge lover of chill and relaxing music.

The idea to launch Coastal Chill Records came about after working with many different record labels and identifying areas I thought the industry could improve. For that reason, there are several core principles that dictate how we do business:

  • Plain English Contracts - Artists need to fully understand what they're signing

  • Artist-Friendly Royalty Splits - Artists are the core of any record label and deserve to be compensated fairly

  • Education on Royalties - Music business law can be confusing, so we help Artists make sure they're collecting all the royalties they're due

  • Timely Distribution - We distribute your tracks promptly with plenty of time to pitch to Editorial playlists, giving you the best chance to land a placement

  • And many more...

If our mission resonates with you and you want to join us along this journey, feel free to head to Submissions and send us some unreleased demos!